Gay penguins who adopted a dumped egg welcome the baby


The Gentoo gay penguin couple who adopted an egg has hatched their baby chick, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium spokesperson confirmed on Friday. Sphen and Magic welcomed their baby, that is yet to receive an official name (because it is not known by now whether it is male or female, and gender-neutral names are not as popular among animals as among humans) , but now is nicknamed Sphengic after both of the dads. It weights 91g. Announcing the news on Facebook, the aquarium wrote that “the proud dads are doing well and are so in love with their precious bub. 🐧❤️🐧” Their parents were given the chance to practiсe parenting with a dummy egg before staff decided they were ready for a real one, calling them “absolute naturals.” They are very lo9ving and caring parents, and they cope perfectly with the duties of the fathers.


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