Naomi Hersi’s murderer is proven guilty


University dropout Jesse McDonald, 25, was proven guilty of murdering the 36-year-old Naomi Hersi, a transgender woman of color, and preventing justice trying too hide the signs of murder. The defendant’s then-girlfriend Natalia Darkowska was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice as she helped him with it. During the course of the trial, the court was told that McDonald had contacted Hersi online 45 minutes after arriving home from visiting his girlfriend, who was 17 at the time. He ignored Darkowska’s increasingly persistent attempts to get in touch with him, before sending her a message days later which read that he had been an idiot who got addicted to drugs, but he still had not cheated on her. McDonald claimed self-defence, saying that he had been drugged with GHB, but forensic toxicologist Vincent Cirimele said that the man presented no trace of the drug.


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