Teacher called his student gay in front of the class


The teacher at Nixon-Smiley High School in the city of Nixon, Texas, called one of his students gay in front of his classmates. When the boy argued that he had a girlfriend, the teacher accused him of using her to cover his sexuality. The boy has become a victim of bullying since then. The student’s father has filed a complaint over the incident, and an investigation has been launched by district leaders demanding the teacher to be fired, and the thing is not in his son’s sexuality. He is not gay, but even if he were one, it would not give the teacher a right to say it in front of the class against the boy’s will, it is violating of his privacy and an act of public humiliation. A spokesperson for the school district told News 4 San Antonio: “We are aware of the allegations currently under investigation as the student’s parent goes through a grievance process.” The teacher was forced to bring an apology to the boy’s family,


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