YouTube star Anna Akana came out as bi because she was too drunk


The 29-year-old performer, who has 2.4 million subscribers, told the audience that she is especially proud to be awarded as she represents both queer and non-white communities. Akana, whose performances in YouTube Red series Youth & Consequences earned her the Best Actor in a Drama Series honor at the online video award show, also urged people to vote in the elections, especially if they belong to the marginalized groups that are frequently silenced. “I did not expect to win Best Actor in a Drama Series cause I’ve been nominated every year but never win—so I got very inebriated and came out as bisexual for the first time ever publicly,” she wrote, adding that she had no plan to come out publicly but she had drunk too much to be able to control her words.It was not the worst drunken accepting speech the world has ever known anyway


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