Dr Phil commented Donald Trump’s anti-trans law


TV psychologist Phil McGraw, who hosts long-running talk show Dr Phil, spoke out about the proposals in an interview with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert aired a week ago, saying that Trump’s new idea is totally ridiculous and he is just unable to realize it. “You think just, ‘I’m gonna change the word, I’m gonna take that out of the dictionary’ and these people cease to exist? Really? I’m just gonna cross that word out of my vocabulary and this entire part of the world stops existing?” he asked, calling the POTUS arrogant and noting that he wishes Trump good luck but still does not believe that redefining sex as a biological feature that cannot be changed is going to stop transgender people from fighting for being legally recognized the way they are. And if Trump disagrees, McGraw tells the kiss him…somewhere, but not on the cheek.


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