Democratic candidate’s posters defaced with hateful graffiti


Democratic candidate Perry Gershon, who is attempting to unseat Republican Lee Zeldin in New York’s first Congressional district, had his campaign materials targeted with just days to the midterm elections planned for tomorrow (November 6). Vandals used spray paint and stencils to write the messages on the electoral posters. “More than two dozen” signs for Gershon across Suffolk County, Long Island, were targeted in this manner, David Kilmick of New York’s LGBT Network told News 12. The campaign posters were vandalized with phrases “gay lover” and “baby killer,” and it has already been investigated as a hate crime. In a statement to Patch, Gershon commented that election is not the right time for hate and campaign is needed to find a compromise about how to make the world a better place to live instead of spreading hate towards certain categories of people. “This is a nonpartisan, human issue. Toning down incivility is the only constructive path forward for Long Island and the country. I encourage Lee Zeldin to join me in condemning hate-based violence, intolerance, and related vandalism, wherever it occurs, and whomever perpetrates it,” he wrote.


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