Malaysian official claims to know more than 1000 people ‘cured’ from being gay


The claim comes from Mohd Izwan Md Yusof, an official in the government’s Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). The official believes that the governmental program has helped over 1400 people to change their sexuality. According to the Malay Mail, the official made the claim during a speech on LGBT issues in George Town last Monday, noting that the government does not hate LGBT people but wants them to live according to the laws of Allah, and homosexuality is strongly disapproved in Islam, so it is necessary to ‘bring these people to the right path’, as he feels. “We have helped 1,450 people under the program where some have went on to get married, some have changed their dressing and some are practicing control from going back to that lifestyle,” he shared, also adding that LGBT population, according to his opinion, grows only because the West imposes its values on Malaysia by means of the Internet and different media. “Parents should be more aware of their children’s activities because gay tendencies can be developed at a young age due to LGBT influences,” the official warns.


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