Republican candidate apparently laughed at his gay friend’s suicide attempt


Doug Wardlow, Republican candidate for Minnesota attorney general, has been accused of bullying towards his gay classmate when he was in high school. Ryan Durant, a former classmate of Wardlow, has claimed that the now-politician was mocking him for years and even his attempt to kill himself was a source of jokes for Wardlow. One ex-student, Jason Kopp, who used to a be close friend of Wardlow, confirmed that Durant had been a target for verbal abuse from Wardlow, who used homophobic slurs against him repeatedly. Sarah Beaulieu, another ex-pupil at the school, claimed that Wardlow used to bully her, calling her “slut” and “dyke,” even though she was (and is) heterosexual. Durant was her friend and she had seen him being abused by Wardlow almost every single day. Wardlow denied the claims made against him, noting that as a father of 3 children he disapproves bullying in any shape .


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