Trans suicide records reached their peak as Trump vowed to redefine sex


A transgender suicide hotline has received four times as many calls after Donald Trump iontroduced the policy which is going to redefine sex as a biological feature that cannot be changed, so that trans people would be unable to change the sex which is stated in their birth certificates, and it would create an obstacle for them being legally recognized by their true gender. This has had “direct and immediate impacts on real lives,” Sam Ames, Trans Lifeline’s executive director, told Teen Vogue, “This is bad news, but it isn’t new news”. Ames added that that is why there is a necessity in support groups and helplines for trans people as well as other minority communities, because their rights are under threat all the time. “Our hotline intervenes at the moment of crisis,” continued Ames, encouraging cisgender people—those who identify with the sex assigned at birth—to speak up to other cisgender people about the issues affecting transgender people’s lives, as well as donating to trans-led organisations to express support for the community.


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