UKIP leader vents at Greggs over gingerpersons


The most recent leader of the pro-Brexit UKIP attacked the popular bakery chain over the headline in the popular Twitter account, which was a parody and is now deleted. It came after a bakery that sold gender-neutral gingerbread ‘ginger persons’ was attacked online.Guardian Meme Win, a parody account that posts headlines in the style of The Guardian newspaper, had tweeted: “Greggs is to rebrand in a move towards a gender neutral business model following criticism that their name sounds too male.” Batten accused the store of a “biased recruitment policy” because “almost all the staff [are] female.” Batten’s tweet was shared by the official UKIP account, until followers pointed out that the story had been a joke. UKIP has faced an exodus of moderate members and officials under Batten, who has led a drive to adopt more extreme stances.


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