Tunisia can ban anal probes


Lawmaker Khawla Ben Aicha expects to propose changes to Article 230 of the country’s penal code, a remnant of French colonial rule which punishes gay sex with up to two years in prison. Homosexuality is still banned, but at least people won’t be subjected to the humiliating procedure of anal probe to check whether they had penetrative gay sex or not. The politician who introduces these changes into the law believes that privacy should not be disobeyed and the bodily integrity of any person deserves being respected.“Obviously, the aim is to introduce a broader debate around the issue, with the priority of stopping these barbaric tests and implicitly making Article 230 obsolete,” she said. Anal tests are a procedure mostly carried out on those arrested under the country’s anti-gay laws. Authorities claim the invasive and humiliating procedure can reveal whether someone has been involved in homosexual activity—but forensic experts say these issues have no scientific background.


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