Grey’s Anatomy star Jake Borelli is gay


Actor Jake Borelli, who plays Levi Schmitt on Grey’s Anatomy, has publicly revealed that same-sex love storyline in the medical drama inspired him to come out as gay himself. Borelli posted about his experience of growing up as a gay kid in Ohio after it was revealed in the show that his character has a mutual crush on a man, and it is the first male love story in the series. “As a gay guy myself, tonight’s episode was so special to me,” he said, adding that there was a terrible lack of such stories in his childhood, that is why he struggled to accept his sexuality and his true self. Borelli also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a Pride-themed bandana, adding that his character inspires him and he is happy that they will go through the coming out journey together. “To all of you who feel like little Levis out there, know that I do too, that you are seen, and that we’re all in this together. And to everyone who has supported me over the years, I can’t thank you enough, and I love you more than all the stars…” he wrote.


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