Homophobic quotes of Northern Irish politician served as an inspiration for opera


Abomination: The DUP On Record is set to debut at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre on November 17, as part of the city’s Outburst queer arts festival. The opera, penned by Northern Irish composer Conor Mitchell, is based on the remarks from the DUP politicians, who are known for their anti-LGBT views. For instance, DUP MP Iris Robinson claimed in 2008 that gay people are more vile than child abusers, while MP Ian Paisley Jr said in 2007, “I’m pretty repulsed by gay and lesbianism… I think that those people harm themselves and harm society.” A listing for the event explains it is a “timely, powerful and unapologetic new work that is a testament to the power and duty of artists… to fearlessly hold a mirror up to those in power.” The opera takes words from “interviews, ‘casual’ remarks, parliamentary speeches and other written and oral homophobic claims that came from the DUP officials, hoping that maybe homophobia could be tackled by being transformed into nusical creation – people will see how homophobic Northern Ireland looks because of DUP and try to do something with it


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