Anti-gay clerk Kim Davis lost re-election


Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was legally punished for refusing to issue a marriage licensee to a same-sex couple but still did not give up upon her homophobic views and even started a legal battle to prove that she was right, which she failed to do, was defeated by Elwood Caudill Jr. in the race for Rowan County clerk at the US midterm elections.Caudill, a civil servant, won by just about 650 votes, winning a total 4210 votes against Davis’ 3566.David Ermold, a gay man who was denied a marriage licence from Davis, ran in the Democratic primary to challenge the clerk for her position. He eventually lost to Caudill, but still not to Davis, even though she was strongly supported by Kentucky’s Republican governor Matt Bevin, who changed the state law on marriage licences in 2016 to help Davis end her legal troubles and called her an inspiring person whose courage admired and fascinated him. .


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