Indiana has its first LGBT lawmaker


Openly gay candidate JD Ford won the race for Indiana’s Senate District 29, unseating longtime Republican Senator Mike Delph. Ford won 57 percent of the preferences against Delph’s 43 percent in the US midterm elections 2018, which is really historic for Indiana, because this Republican-controlled state has never had gay lawmakers before. A LGBT+ rights activist and openly gay man, Ford campaigned against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a controversial bill that critics feared could be used as an excuse for discrimination against LGBT people and was signed into law in 2015 by then-Governor of Indiana Mike Pence who is now serving as the Vice-President of the USA.“Tonight, I become Indiana’s first openly gay lawmaker. Ladies and gentlemen, we just made history and no one can take that from us.” Ford said, when his victory was announced. Indiana’s LGBT+ non-profit community organisation Indy Pride congratulated Ford on his victory. “Congratulations JD Ford for State Senate on your victory! We are so proud to see such positive representation in our State Senate.”


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