The son of a lesbian couple is now a Senator


Zach Wahls, who campaigned for their two moms’ right to marry when he was a little boy, has now won a seat in the Iowa State Senate. The Democratic Party candidate won 78 percent of the vote, defeating libertarian Carl Krambeck, in Iowa’s Senate District 37 in the US midterm elections 2018 on Tuesday (November 6). He is just 27 years old, so he is one of the youngest Senators in the state. “I hope tonight marks a fresh start for Iowa. We must all come together to bring real reform to our health care system, restore a tradition of excellence to our public education system and raise incomes for Iowa’s working families,” he said in his speech when he stepped in, Huffington Post reports. The newly-elected Senator believes that it is time to think about the progressive future of Iowa, in part (and especially) from the point of view of diversity in general and LGBT rights in part.


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