18-year-old teen is arrested for bomb threat


Jonathan Logan-Guy Radford, a student at Byrnes High School in South Carolina, was arrested on October 18 after allegedly tweeted about a desire to ‘cleanse’ his school of LGBT students by bombing them. Police believe the teen threatened to bomb and “shoot up” the school, and made death threats targeted specifically at those students who identified as LGBT+. Radford was arrested and charged with a first-degree bomb threat, which can be punished with prison term from 1 to 10 years. According to Fox Carolina, police were called to the school on October 18 after students reported seeing the bomb threats, which were made via anonymous tweets and DM to other students, where the plans of ‘cleansing of non-Christians’ were announced. “I know u and ur little group of friends are apart of a lgbt and I hate the lgbt community. So I plan on bombing and shooting up your school today to cleanse everyone that’s not straight or Christian,” the message read. A police report states that Radford was tracked via his IP address after Twitter was alerted about the threats. He was arrested on October 18 and charged, he remains in custody


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