Girl faces homophobic abuse because she likes football


Darcie, 13, who lives in Cwmbran, Torfaen, told the BBC that her peers are mocking her and her parents are forbidding her to do what she likes – she is a footballer, and it is stereotypically believed that football is not for girls. “They have criticized me a lot by saying I’m a man or a lesbian. They’ve just called me all different types of names,” said the girl, noting that the children’s parents are on their side. “I ask my PE teachers if I can play football, can I do that as a recommended sport and they say no because it is a boy’s sport. I think it is wrong that people criticize girls for playing football because it is something they want to do and they love,” she adds. Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, told the BBC that it is really depressing that stereotypes about gender are limiting people in doing what they love.


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