Pregnant man in Doctor Who irritated transphobes


The November 4 episode of the BBC sci-fi show, “The Tsuranga Conundrum,” introduced Yoss, a member of the alien Gifftan species, played by Jack Shalloo. The thing is the representatives of this alien race can get pregnant regardless of their sex, men bear boys and women bear girls. As you might have guessed from the title of our article, Yoss is expecting a baby boy and the Twitter audience is far from being happy about it. One linked it to a government transgender rights review, claiming: “Normally I would have just dismissed the silly ‘pregnant man’ gag, but since we know that women’s rights are being erased right now for a male lobby that insists that males should have a right to women’s spaces/identities, it’s hard to laugh at it.” Another added that it would be better to come back to battling Daleks (cosmic villains from the Doctor Who universe) instead of pretending to be The Guardian columnists (or consulting them) to talk about pregnant men. However, pregnant men give lives, in contrast to Daleks, who can only EXTERMINATE


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