Sir Philip Green is accused of verbally assaulting male models


British tycoon Sir Philip Green reportedly got so upset at the sight of a campaign ad featuring young male models he ripped down the posters calling it “gay s**t,” according to The Guardian. It is not the first time Mr. Green is accused of misbehavior – people who worked with him alleged that he had harassed and bullied them repeatedly.And this time he was irritated because of the posters with male models,ripping them out and shouting that he did not want to see this ‘gay s**t’ around him. Other sources claimed they saw Sir Philip “repeatedly slapping employees’ bottoms” and pinching “the cheeks of men and women who work for him,” as well as using “patronizing language when speaking to women.” Green said that he categorically denied all accusations and claimed they had been made up to discredit him. Last week there was another scandal with Mr. Green as he dismissed claims from lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio that he offered her money to spend the night together as a “blatant lie,” telling one of the journalists: “Oh yeah, I’m going to proposition you actually, I’m going to turn gay in a minute. You can write that down how’s that?”


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