Strictly Come Dancing star Dr Ranj Singh opens up on anti-gay prejudice among doctors


The 39-year-old resident medical expert on ITV’s This Morning said that working for NHS he experienced homophobic attitudes and the medical sphere is really prejudiced. “It’s a bit ironic that the caring profession could ever be prejudiced, but it does happen,” he said, adding that the mass media sphere is much more diverse and tolerant. Though, he is still a doctor, and he is there to change these biased attitudes to people like him, Singh ensures, believing that he is not the only one in it. Being asked about possibly going back in closet and hiding that fact that he is gay he responded: “Never! I think there was probably a time when people did think like that, but fortunately we’ve moved on. I can imagine that it might make some people feel uncomfortable… but why should they? My sexuality has never been an issue and never will be—it’s just part of who I am.”


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