Youtube star Natasha Negovanlis: Being queer is normal


Natasha Negovanlis, the pansexual star of supernatural YouTube series Carmilla, still doubts whether she could call herself a queer icon or not, depending on what people mean by the term ‘queer icon’. If it is a person who tells the world that whomever you love, there is nothing wrong about it and people believe this person – then yes, she is a queer icon and proud of it. On the mystery fantasy show where Negovanlis made her name, she played vampire Carmilla Karnstein, who’s initially introduced as the self-involved nemesis of Elise Bauman’s main character Laura Hollis, but later the girls decide that it is much better to love each other than to hate (and we agree with it completely, in any case!). Natasha also spoke about those who say that she could not call herself queer because she dates men (note: she cannot call herself a lesbian because she dates men, but she hjas never called herself like that, the term ‘queer’ means she is not dating men ONLY).


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