A third of LGBT people are bullied at work or at school


Statistics show that about one third of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people who were bullied at school remained the objects of bullying after they graduated and started working. The latest statistics from Anglia Ruskin University found that 35 percent of gay and bisexual men who had been taunted at school went on to be bullied in their place of work. For the women this number is slightly lower – 29%. The survey also revealed that more than half of gay men (56 percent) and nearly one in two (47 percent) lesbians describe their working environment as dissatisfying. Nick Drydakis, a reader in economics at Anglia Ruskin University, who authored the study, explained that people bullied at school could display attributes such as low self-esteem and vulnerability, meaning that they are taught to believe that they are victims and as a consequence they behave as such, which attracts more potential bullies, even when the environment is changed.


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