Brides on fire. Lesbian couple made their dresses burn


Performers April Jennifer Choi and Bethany Byrnes tied the knot last month after 7 years of relationships. The fascinating wedding ceremony was held in the state of Iowa. Both women worked with pyrotechnics and assisted during different kinds of fire shows, so they decided to set their own big day on fire as well. What we enjoy the most about performing with fire is feeling like a firebender from Avatar: The Last Air-Bender,” the Guinness world recorder Choi said, according to PinkNews. By the way, her new wife has also been honored with prestigious awards for her skills, in part she was awarded a world record last year for “most straws crack whipped from the mouth in one minute.” So, these women can play with fire, though they still needed medics and pyrotechnic experts to be present at the wedding, just in case. Happy as she was with the result, Choi was disappointed to see that, as their photos grabbed attention and made headlines around the world, the homophobes emerged. Most people Choi knows are queer (she jokes that sometimes she forgets that there are straight people in this world too), so homophobic abuse is not something she could ever get used to, and she is shocked that people can be so hateful. “In the U.S. it is, by far, more dangerous to be LGBT than it is to be a professional fire performer,” she wrote, adding that, in the last decade, there have been “over 100 times more LGBT deaths than performer deaths associated with professional fire stunts.”


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