Massachusetts voted for the trans rights law to remain


Anti-LGBT campaigners had hoped to use a ballot measure, Question 3, to force the repeal of a 2016 law that protected people from “discrimination in places of public accommodation, resort, or amusement,” but the citizens of the state showed with their midterm election votes that they want to see their trans friends, relatives and neighbors safe and protected. At time of reporting, 67.73 percent of voters in the state backed the existing discrimination measure, while only 32.27 percent backed the plan to repeal it. With 81 percent of votes counted, 1,455,559 people cast ballots in favor of the trans rights law, and 693,542 voted to cancel it, so it is the first public vote in favor of transgender rights in the USA history. Freedom Massachusetts said the vote marks “a powerful, unmistakable message from Massachusetts voters that we value our transgender friends and neighbors, and want everyone to feel safe and welcome here.” The group added: “Because of the team we built, we can say tonight that Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to uphold protections for transgender people at the ballot box!”


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