Trans politician says her gender is not an issue


Some LGBT politicians in the US midterm elections have faced a lot pf hate because of their gender identity and sexuality, but not Kathy Ottersten from Alaska. Ottersten, who identifies as gender non-conforming trans/intersex person, says she
did not want to speculate on her identity during the election, she ran as a politician and she won as a politician, it is the only thing that mattered for her. “I decided to run because I felt that I would be able to do a good job with the issues we face locally and I wanted to give my time and energy to this community. The fact that I’m a gender non-conforming trans/intersex person was only a consideration in that some of my friends were worried about potential abuse,” she said, adding that Alaska is far from being a progressive state, but it is the main reason why she ran there, not anywhere else – there is a way to go, there is a lot of work for her to be done to improve the life of the citizens, and she promises to do it well.


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