Trans woman was allegedly abused in male prison


Dallas woman Valerie Jackson, 32, was arrested in November 2016 after leaving a gun in her purse while travelling through security at Dallas Love Field airport.And now she starts a legal case against a sheriff,who allegedly put her in malle prison where her inmates abused her verbally and physically, and also forced her to watch them masturbating. Then it was proven she was not guilty and she was let go, but the moral trauma remained. “[Inmates asked] if she was a ‘tranny’ or a ‘real girl,’ telling her all the sexual things they wanted to do to her, grabbing themselves, calling her a ‘he/she’ and calling her many other derogatory words,” her lawsuit reads. The suit claims that Dallas County “failed to properly train and supervise jail staff to treat transgender inmates humanely, because they put her in a male facility, even though she told them repeatedly that she was a transgender woman, and now her mental health is seriously damaged.


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