Man started a lawsuit to change his age because ‘it is possible with name and gender’


Emile Ratelband, 69, wants to change his birth date from March 1949 to March 1969 to improve his prospects on dating app Tinder and 65for his official age to reflect the way he feels, because if transgender people, for example, believe that the sex they were assigned at birth is not reflecting the way they feel, there is an option for them to change it – it is completely possible from the legal point of view. So, the man thinks that it could work the same way with age. He told the court that his legal battle was “really a question of free will,” because his official age is an obstacle for him both in private and professional life – people don’t agree to date a man in his late 60s and employers don’t consider an applicant who is too close to the retirement age, so he is limited.The man added that the doctors said he has a health condition of a man in his 440s. He is currently expecting the court verdict


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