Woman started a hateful rant against a fellow passenger on a plane board


A woman has been caught on camera launching into a homophobic and racist rant at a fellow passenger on an LAX Airport bound plane. She used a racist N-slur repeatedly and told her fellow passenger to ‘shut the f*** up’ as the plane was landing. In the three-minute long video, which was obtained by the Mirror Online, the woman goes on to brand the man a “white skin a**e n***er.” After being told to mind her language by other passengers because of a child sat nearby, the woman yelled: “That’s not my kid, I don’t give a f**k.” The footage was taken on November 2 on an internal USA flight to the Los Angeles airport and the witnesses said that the rant lasted or more than an hour. It is not known where the flight came from and what was the airline. The person who filmed the video told the Mirror Online: “Shortly before this video was filmed she threatened a flight attendant who appeared to come up and try to calm here after other attendants had been unsuccessful. She used racially tinged language and homophobic slurs on flight personnel as well as passengers.”


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