John Bishop tells parents of LGBT kids to love them no matter what


Comedian John Bishop, whose son is gay, says that the only thing parents can do for their children to feel safe and to grow up into mature personalities is loving them just the way they are, this is the first lesson he took from an open conversation with his own son as he came out to him as gay. “To the kids who are 10 and 11 in the playground and are standing on their own, who don’t know where they belong or what group that they belong to, and try to play up to something or feel isolated. It’s their parents who think ‘oh no my son doesn’t want to play football, he doesn’t fit in’,” said the comedian, advising all parents to react on their children’s “I am gay\bi\queer\trans etc.’ with “Okay, I love you”. And then they will be confident and strong, no abusers and no haters will take then down.


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