Trans woman put in male prison says she was made feel like a sex slave


Deon “Strawberry” Hampton sued the Illinois Department of Corrections multiple times over the last year in an attempt to get a transfer to a prison in correspondence with her gender identity, Chicago Tribune reports. In her latest lawsuit, she claims that she has been abused and assaulted – verbally, mentally, physically and sexually – by her fellow inmates in the male prison, let alone misgendering and deadnaming her, even by the staff, as she served her 10-year burglary sentence. The judge, Nancy Rosenstengel, also said that Hampton should be allowed to access a trans support group at the Dixon Correctional Centre, where she is currently imprisoned. Furthermore, the court gave the Department of Corrections 14 days to come up with a plan to provide training for the prison staff to teach them how to behave with transgender prisoners. A spokeswoman told the Chicago Tribune that the department has a “strict zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and harassment.”


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