lawmakers behind the new anti-gay law call homosexuality a disease


An Indonesian region has drafted an anti-LGBT law because its leader believes that homosexuality is a disease, and moreover, people transmit it to one another like an infection in order to deviate people from the religious norms. Supian Hadi, the regent of East Kotawaringin, welcomed the proposed legislation of creating an anti-LGBT law, saying that he is grateful to those who introduced such an idea which would make it possible to stop the ‘alarming’ LGBT activity. Other areas of the country have also moved to crack down on queer people ahead of the presidential election in April next year. Payakumbuh, the second-biggest city in West Sumatra, has drafted revisions to a pre-existing law which would prohibit LGBT+ activities in order to stop ‘spreading the deviant behavior’. The speaker for the city’s legislative council, Yendri Bodra, said: “The Payakumbuh administration’s intention to include provisions regarding the LGBT community in the planned revision of the 2016 bylaw on social ills is feasible.”


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