Rainbow poppy on the Remembrance day caused controversy


Pride organizers are accused of disrespecting the Remembrance day and defacing its symbol as they introduced the rainbow poppy design. Doncaster Pride posted the picture of a remembrance poppy, including a rainbow segment, to their Instagram page on November 11, to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. The photo rapidly spread on a local Doncaster Facebook group, where users tore into the image for defacing a symbol that existed for a century. One user wrote: “Not a time for PC brigade to start limp wristing. No respect. Find your own movement. Don’t hijack the poppy!”A nother hit out at LGBT+ people who “always make it about themselves,” while others claimed it is “antagonistic to co-opt the Poppy for any agenda.”Several locals made attempts to defend the symbol, pointing that LGBT people were the victims of the war and were those who contributed into ending it.


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