The President of Poland is seriously considering anti-LGBT law


Andrzej Duda gave an interview to a Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik, in which he said that it should be legally forbidden to talk about LGBT-related issues in schools, as he believes it to be a kind of ‘propaganda, that should have been opposed, ‘calmly and consistently’. There is no such bill written by Polish lawmakers, but if there was one and it was well-written, Duda vows that he would give his approval for such a bill to become a law in the country. The conversation about a “gay propaganda” law in Poland has been reignited after a number of schools were set to host an event called “Rainbow Friday” last month. Rainbow Friday was set up to promote LGBT+ acceptance in schools, however most schools cancelled their plans after Poland’s government warned them that they were not permitted to proceed and the education minister even threatened those who expressed a willing to participate.


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