Christian charity encourages people to ‘gay cure therapy’


Footage released by ITV News shows the national co-leader of a UK Christian charity saying that he believes in a possibility of changing human sexuality by means of faith, with the help of God. He insists that they are not a ‘gay cure therapy’ group, they don’t proclaim themselves being able to change human sexuality and they did not urge anyone to do it, they only say that it is possible if a person wants it and has enough faith. He told the undercover journalist: “As people start to find, look into their relationship with their mother or relationship with their father, those key relationships and where there’s been gaps where there’s been wounding where it’s really impacted us… as God starts to heal and restore those gaps, people find that the attractions start to shift or lessen or change.” He also claims to have known a number of people who used to be gay but changed their sexuality. The ITV News investigation is the second installation in a three-part series on gay conversion therapy in the UK. ITV News political correspondent Paul Brand spent six months investigating gay conversion therapy in UK churches.


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