John Barrowman wants to be the king and the queen at once


The openly gay Doctor Who actor, who is very likely to become The King Of Jungle in the ITV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, claims being the king is not enough for him and he wants to be crowned as the queen as well. He also told ITV that “eating bums, balls and willies, I’m totally cool with” ahead of the show’s return on November 18. The show was very challenging for the actor, but the harder the tasks were, the more motivated he was to win, and even a crown will not satisfy his ambitions fully. He does not hide a desire to win and he is not going to lie or pretend – especially if to consider that fact that the watchers are choosing the winner and the 51-year-old Scottish-American actor, singer and author is one of their top favorites. His husband Scott, though he misses John so much, sends him support and wishes hm to come back home with a crown.


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