LGBT asylum seekers survived caravan journey to the boarder


A group of LGBT+ asylum seekers were the first group out of the migrant caravan to reach the boarder between Mexico and the USA. Around 80 people arrived in the Mexican border city of Tijuana and they celebrated their safe arrival dancing and singing along to Ariana Grande, Washington Post reported. “I cannot believe we actually made it here to the border,” Andy Albaringa, a 23-year-old trans woman from El Salvador confessed, adding that the trip exhausted her completely. Members of the LGBT+ community broke off from the rest of the migrant caravan that has been travelling through Central America in the past month, being
repeatedly bullied and abused along the way from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. They are fleeing poverty, violence and persecution based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. “They have denigrated us. Supposedly you’re emigrating from your country because of the violence, the discrimination, the homophobia, and it turns out that in the very caravan you face this kind of violence,” Lady Perez, a transgender woman from Honduras who fled the country after her boyfriend was killed, told the Associated Press.


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