Politician proclaims himself a woman to excuse anti-abortion views


An Australian senator, Barry O’Sullivan, has told Parliament that he is self-identifying as a woman and that is why he (or she) has more right to criticize abortions, while his colleagues hgave no right to criticize him for these views because they are all men.The 61-year-old made the announcement after his motion to ban pro-choice campaigners from protesting the annual Day of the Unborn Child failed on November 12, stating that as soon as he declares himself as a woman his male colleagues lose an opportunity to attack him. Greens senator Larissa Waters condemned the motion, which suggested that pro-choice activists were hypocritical for complaining about pro-life protests at clinics which offer abortions, said that if Mr. O’Sullivan does not understand that gender does not work this way then shame on him. Her statement was later withdrawn, but that didn’t stop the pro-life Nationals senator from targeting her in his later speeches.


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