Same-sex parenting options to be improved in the Netherlands


Clinics in the Netherlands will begin offering IVF treatment and surrogacy motherhood for gay couples starting from the next year. The TV show surveyed all of the country’s fertility clinics, finding at least two facilities who have agreed to provide IVF treatment to gay couples . Now it cannot be done locally and Dutch gay couples have to apply to foreign fertility clinics if they want to become parents by means of assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy with the help of IVF. IVF is required because even those countries which legally approve surrogacy do not allow a surrogate to be biologically related to the child she carries (from the legal point of view it is treated like selling a child and moreover, the law will be on the woman’s side if she refuses to give her child to potential parents if she is a biological mother), so it is required to use a donor egg, fertilized by means of IVF. “I think it’s crazy that gay couples, but also women who have medical issues, have to go abroad to fulfil their desire to have children, while all medical and technical expertise and knowledge is in house,” Nij Geertgen director Marc Scheijven has claimed. “We see every year that dozens of male couples turn to doctors with this request, but until now that is not possible in the Netherlands and men are forced to go abroad,” NVOG director Annemiek Nap told Dutch news outlet RTL Nieuws. Nap also told De Monitor: “Gay couples who desire to have children should be able to access IVF treatment in the Netherlands.” Two other clinics in Zwolle and in Amsterdam are currently considering the decision.


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