Anti-Trump lesbian is to lead LGBT Republicans


Equal marriage campaigner Jerri Ann Henry was named as the new head of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group for LGBT+ supporters of the Republican party. While previous head Gregory T. Angelo made attempts to defend the anti-LGBT actions of the
current President and his administration, Henry spoke against it. She said of lesbian Trump supporters: “Geez. That is a tough one… I have wondered about it a bit. Are the same factors driving women away from Trump and (some) men towards him the main factor here, or are lesbians looking at other factors? I don’t have the answer.” Her spouse added that lesbians don’t support Trump because they are too smart for it. Speaking to the Boston Globe in December 2017, Henry said that the president “has been a drag” on the Republican ticket, adding: “Anyone working with him is tainted by him.” Henry, who previously ran the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry campaign, is the first woman to lead the Log Cabin Republicans.


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