English Football League LGBT-themed initiatives angered Twitter trolls


English Football League (EFL) revealed that its 72 clubs across the country would use rainbow substitution boards and corner flags to support the idea of LGBT representation in football. And no wonder that the homophobic segment of Twitter, mildly speaking, was not so happy about it. They say that such a campaign was a nonsense and even those who claim to9 be for LGBTG equality and inclusion in general expressed an opinion that this is too much. One Twitter user said: “I feel this is getting rammed down my throat now , it’s every week something is happening . I have nothing against gays , trannys or bisexuals but Jesus [sic]!” Note: a person uses the word ‘tranny\trannies’ only if this person is against transgender people and wants to offend them, because this word is rude, offensive and transphobic. The initiative will raise awareness of Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, which promotes LGBT+ equality in sport by encouraging sports players to wear rainbow laces. It’s the second year in a row that the EFL has shown support for LGBT+ inclusivity.


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