Rami Malek thinks Freddie Mercury’s bisexuality could be shown better


The actor who plays the leading character in the Queen biopic’Bohemian Rhapsody’ is one of those who believes that Freddie Mercury’s character is not shown close enough to his real-life personality, in part when it comes to his sexuality and love interests. If these details were included in the movie, Malek would love to play it, because we know so little about who Freddie Mercury was, and his personality is so legendary that it definitely deserves being explored deeper and represented better, and it still won’t be enough, because his life was so mysterious. “You see him on stage and then almost instinctually I’d want to discover more. There’s just an eloquence and elegance to him that you see when he’s on stage, and then you can [see] where all that was birthed from. I mean, not many artists are wearing an entire head-to-toe leather outfit, sipping a champagne flute and telling their audience to strip naked if they please. And he still comes off with this essence of royalty,” Malek said of Freddie


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