Ezra Miller talked about the “squad” of sexual partners


The US actor, who came out as queer in 2012, told Playboy that he was a a part of a queer polyamorous group who helped him with self-understanding as he just began to realize his own queer identity. He fekt comfortable and fulfilled in these relationships because he was surrounded by love, all these people loved him and one another, and he loved them all back, it was some kind of cult of lover. Miller opened up about some formative experiences with sex, saying that during elementary school—which runs until the age of 12 in the US—he had a friend (who later became more than a friend), whose divorced mom had a collection of erotic magazines the two friends have once discovered and it impressed Ezra deeply. Ezra had erotic fantasies from a very young age, but only as a teen he bean to realize what it was and what it means to be connected with other people both physically and mentally


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