Man accused of murdering his wife allegedly did it to start a new life with man


Pharmacist Mitesh Patel has been charged with murder of his wife Jessica. The prosecutors said that he had strangled her with a plastic bag at their home in Middlesbrough, England, on May 14. The prosecution claims that Patel planned to kill his wife, cover up the crime, claim £2 million from her life insurance policy, and move to Australia to start his life from an empty sheet with a man he had met on Grindr. The prosecutor told the court that Mitesh Patel had planned the murder “for some time,” and he repeatedly searched advice on how to kill the wife through the Internet. After his wife’s death, Patel told police that she had been killed by a burglar but there is n o evidence that their house could be burgled. Mitesh Patel’s DNA was found under the fingernails of his wife, suggesting she fought back, the court was told.


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