Far-right militants attacked trans activists in Ukraine


Led by the non-governmental organization Insight, trans rights campaigners gathered in Kyiv to stop discrimination against transgender Ukrainians, to protect them and to notice their existence in the wake of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. According to American journalist Christopher Miller, who reported about the rally on Twitter, a group of religious and far-right militants confronted the LGBT+ activists early in the afternoon at a park in the city, telling the marchants to go away from there. Holding banners, rainbow and transgender flags, a group of around 40 LGBT+ campaigners relocated in front of the University metro station and continued their action, but the far-right counter-protesters found them there as well. “Things got heated. Police made no attempts to move radicals and instead shoved LGBT activists into metro. As they did, they swore and used hateful slurs to describe them” Miller wrote, describing the events on Twitter.


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