Gay couple from LGBT migrant caravan ties the knot


A gay couple from an LGBT+ migrant caravan from central America had a lovely wedding ceremony in Tijuana. Freelance journalist Sarah Kinosian, who is based in central America, captured the newlyweds’ first kiss on the video. She wrote: “Congrats to Erick and Pedro! The first LGBT+ couple of seven from the migrant caravan to get married today.” The ceremony, officiated by two women, was held in front of the rainbow backdrop. The newlyweds hardly deal with emotions when they hug in front of the public. Hundreds of central American migrants reached the Mexican border city of Tijuana after a long trip across the country. A group of LGBT+ migrants broke away from the larger group in Mexico City, the BBC reported. Those who have arrived at Tijuana are believed to have fled persecution, violence and poverty in their home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


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