Gretchen Wilson told the world about her ‘gay husband’


The country singer shared that the outfit created for her by the fashion designer Chad Laboy, on the red carpet at the Annual Country Music Association Awards (CMA) on November 14 was so fabulous that she felt her heart full of love to this man, to whom she now refers no other than ‘gusband [gay husband]’. The star revealed Laboy had designed her sparkling outfit, which replaced her usual blue jeans, belt, and shirt attire. “He told me there is no way you’re going to the red carpet in the same old drab, drab yucky that you’ve always done. So he took this jumpsuit and basically turned it into something that was fabulously me… and he made me feel like a princess,” she said. The singer has never revealed her attitude to LGBT community before, but when she met the designer, she fell in love with him, and even though this love is only platonic, because she understands that he is not attracted to women, she wishes him and people like him to find their love in the passionate, romantic meaning, and to keep this love, regardless of all stereotypes.


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