Imagine Dragons frontman is accused of making kids gay


The rock singer told Vulture that parents often forbid their teen kids to attend his concerts because they are afraid that the kids might become gay, because Reynolds has made a number of pro-LGBT comments, insisting on the necessity of supporting queer children, in part within the Mormon church which, he belongs to. Reynolds added he believed “everybody has to do their part” when it comes to LGBT rights. It is okay if you don’t understand why some people are gay (but it is important to spread awareness about it – neither music nor any other outer factor can make a person gay, it is inner and probably inborn), but it is also okay to want to help gay people who are bullied, rejected and struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. “I have seen so much damage done to these families. I’ve met with so many parents who’ve lost kids to suicide. I have so much fire about it. I want change, and I know that I can help make change,” said the singer.


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