Mail on Sunday is criticized for a transphobic article


The Mail on Sunday comes under fire for the article that stated that kids had been tricked to be transgender and schools played the major role in it. The article, which is based on a single anonymous source, states that there are 17 children of school age across the UK who are now undergoing transition. It claims “vulnerable children with mental health problems” are “being tricked” into the “mistaken belief they are the wrong sex as a way of coping with the problems caused by autism.” We don’t know how autism may be connected with gender identity, especially if to consider that fact that we know a number of autistic people and they are all cis. We don’t say that autistic people cannot be trans, we say that these two aspects are not connected. Transgender activist Sophie Cook wrote on Twitter that it is not possible to make people trans, but it is impossible to make them cis, and suggesting the opposite is a dangerous agenda.


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