Rugby player Gareth Thomas claims to have survived a homophobic attack


He had visible scratches on his head and appeared to have suffered bruising as a result of the attack, which he said took place last weekend. He wrote on Twitter that he is grateful to the police that acted rapidly and stopped the attackers, and he also thanked those who supported him. He added that however hard the haters try, they cannot let him down, because love is stronger. “The most surprising thing out of everything is the acceptance of the level of abuse – the normality that abuse has been given. I find that unacceptable. It’s a human right that we are allowed to be who we want to be – but within this game if you’re not the stereotypical male or female we expect you to be then we’re allowed to abuse you for 90 minutes. I would give my right arm to sit down in a room with one of these people, just to understand their views.”


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